Tuscany Country House Plans – Tuscan Style

Building a Tuscany farmhouse or villa is a challenging task. However, most successful Tuscany farmers and contractors manage to build something beautiful out of the back yard. You can easily do the same if you consider these three factors: plot size, color scheme, and flooring. Together these factors will determine your final outcome.

A typical Tuscany country house has about a 4-acre plot of land. If your dream is to turn this into a family farm, a smaller farmhouse is ideal. It is best to keep the plot size as small as possible and include the minimum number of bathrooms in your design plan. If you plan to entertain guests or have children visit your home, you will also need a larger living area.

The color of your Tuscany country house design should match your plot size. This helps tie together the different components of your design. For instance, selecting dark paint colors for large windows is a great way to make your home visually bigger than it actually is. Paints with a medium to dark gray tone can make your spaces feel more cramped.

Flooring is a very important element of a Tuscany farmhouse or villa design. Most farmhouses or villas have limited amounts of walking space so the flooring needs to be durable and easy to clean. Limestone pavers are the easiest way to achieve the look of hardwood but any other material will work. Find materials that will match your plot size and color choices to achieve a clean, organized look that fits with your home’s decor.

Your lighting options are endless when building a Tuscany style house. Focal points such as chandeliers and pendant lights are usually a key element in the design plan. You should also consider having several different lighting sources for the bedrooms, sitting rooms and dining areas to create a warm inviting atmosphere.

The heating system for a Tuscany country house or villa should be efficient and affordable. If you are building your own home you can use any number of traditional and modern heat sources. It is a good idea to check your local heating regulations to see what is available in your area. There are many options for radiators such as wood burning, electric and gas powered.

Tuscan style features stone construction throughout both the living area and bedrooms. The furniture you choose should coordinate with the rest of the design. For example, Tuscan wooden tables are usually topped with ornate tops made from blown glass. This tops are often rounded or conical. Some Tuscan furniture can be found with elaborate iron grills that add to the rustic appeal. Your Tuscan style home or Tuscan villa will likely include dark hardwood flooring with warm visible inset stone walls, open kitchen islands and exposed wooden beams on the beams.

In your Tuscan style Tuscan Villa you will find the following styles of furniture: one and two story stools, oak chest of drawers, rustic claw foot tubs, original hardwood flooring, wood vanity table, original stone fireplaces, open kitchens, and large windows. Tuscan furniture is often displayed in colors such as burgundy, olive, and olive green. You can create a Tuscan country house or villa by choosing the right Tuscan decor and accessories.

Tuscan style Tuscan kitchens include stoves and chimneys as part of your old stone and brick farmhouse or Tuscan Villa. The stoves may be fashioned out of wood. One or more open kitchens may be included in the kitchen. Most bathrooms have a wall mounted or an interior/ exterior shower. The tubs either have jets or have steamer seats.

Tuscan dining can be incorporated into your Tuscan style Tuscan Villa or house by choosing the right furniture. Choose dark wood chairs with dark wooden planked flooring. A few tables may be placed in the sitting area for eating meals. You may choose between ceramic or marble tiled floors for your bathroom and/or Tuscan living area.

Tuscan kitchens include a few stoves in the kitchen. You may include bar stools with marble tops. Tuscan bathrooms have a mixture of classic and antique Tuscan design. Most bathrooms have either a central heating radiator or a exterior/interior heating radiator.