The Best Tuscany Vacations

You have decided to go on one of the best Tuscany vacations ever. So now all that is left is to choose which is going to be the best vacation location for you. This can be a very challenging task for many, because there are so many beautiful areas in Tuscany. It can take some research and even a little elbow grease to narrow down the locations that will make your trip to the region so wonderful and enjoyable.

First, consider your interests and hobbies. If you love to cook then perhaps you should take a look at the San Gimignano Vineyards or the Santa Croce Terrace Vineyards. Both of these areas offer wine tours as well as a variety of meals that are sure to tantalize even the most discriminating palate.

Next, consider the surrounding attractions. What do you like to do when you get a chance to vacation in Tuscany? What types of things are close by? For example, if you love to visit historic towns then there are dozens of them in the San Gimignano area alone.

Then consider your physical abilities. Do you have the stamina? Are you up for hiking up mountains or hiking to an old town with plenty of history? Are you comfortable climbing stairs or swimming in lakes? If so, then taking part in the many water activities in Tuscany will delight you as well as give you an appreciation for human muscle.

Next determine your level of physical activity. Do you enjoy hiking and biking? Are you an athlete in any way? If so, then maybe you should try your hand at competitive tennis, golf, or even golfing. And, if you are more of a non-competitive person, then perhaps you should consider enjoying the many outdoor sporting events in the area.

Lastly, consider the type of accommodation you prefer. Are you comfortable in hotel rooms? Or, do you enjoy staying in bed and watching TV? If so, then the San Gimignano area has plenty of guest houses and inns. You can easily find one or two that will suit your needs perfectly.

What about food and wine? Tuscany has some of the finest food and wine regions in the world. And, the Tuscany area is chock full of quaint little cafes and restaurants that serve just the best fare on Earth. Try some meatballs with spinach that is baked in a pan with a wood-burning oven for an authentic Tuscan taste. You can also try the pizza that has been made in the Italian hills for hundreds of years.

In short, Tuscany vacations can be the best vacation you have ever had. This region has such beautiful sights, it is easy to see why millions of people fly here every year. The weather is mild all year round, which makes it ideal for spending a relaxing vacation. The people are very welcoming and make you feel right at home. The food is satisfying and the scenery is breathtaking. Tuscany vacations are definitely worth a second look.

Tuscan wine is grown in the area and is the best wine in the world. You can choose from several varietals, but the Zinfandel is highly recommended. For a taste of the best in Italian wine, stop by a restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic evening with your special someone. You might want to try some of the other options available in this classy area as well. Italian restaurants are abundant in the area and there are plenty of great places to enjoy an evening with good food and wine.

One thing that is not to be missed while traveling through Tuscany is to check out its stunning countryside. The first thing that you will notice is that it looks like real Italy. While you are there, you can enjoy a horseback ride through the woods or take a tour through vineyards. Stop and enjoy some amazing art as well by stopping by a gallery or museum that features pieces of Tuscany art.

There are many beautiful hotels available to stay at while you are on vacation in Tuscany. Stop and enjoy the lush green forests, mountain streams, and lush fields. Find the perfect hotel in the area to meet your needs. They all have their own unique style, so no matter what you like, you can probably find a hotel that fits your personality. You can find affordable accommodations as well so you do not need to spend a fortune while you are here.

Tuscany is a wonderful place to visit. When you are on vacation, you can spend time enjoying the beauty of the countryside and taking in all the amazing sites. Once you are done taking in the local flavor, you can head to one of the many restaurants that you can find in the area. If you want to enjoy some fine dining, then you can stop by one of the fine dining establishments. With all of these things to see and to do, you will definitely appreciate having the best Tuscany vacations that you possibly can.

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