Taking Beach Holidays in Tuscany

Are you thinking of taking beach holidays in Tuscany Italy this year? Many people choose to do so each year, seeing this area of Italy as a perfect getaway in the summertime. Situated in the northern part of the Umbria region, Tuscany is beautiful and picturesque. Whether you are planning a family beach holiday or a romantic get-away with your significant other, here are some beautiful places you should visit while on vacation in Tuscany Italy.

First, let’s look at the region itself. The most famous beach in Tuscany is Ruga d’Orcia. This beautiful beach has stayed relatively untouched by human activity for centuries, which makes it especially appealing to families looking for a relaxing beach holiday in Tuscany Italy. In fact, this entire region is home to over one million statues of all shapes, sizes and colors. The surrounding countryside is also filled with beautiful art historical buildings and villas.

Second, we will visit two cities that are also near the beach. Florence and Lucca are both must-visit cities for Tuscany beach holidays. Florence is absolutely gorgeous with many beautiful historic buildings as well as beautiful landscapes. Also, there are tons of art galleries, museums and galleries in this city that you can visit. It’s home to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, which is considered to be one of the largest and most important museums in the world. As for Lucca, it is a beautiful city with plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Third, we will head to the country itself of Tuscany. Here, the sky is the limit when it comes to beautiful and exciting beaches. There are several Tuscany beaches where you can have unlimited fun including the famous Mount Etna, which is a very popular skiing mountain. Other excellent beaches include the Gemaola and San Gimignano, which are not so crowded and have less crowds.

Fourth, we will head to the rural areas of Tuscany. Here, nature has done its job and created some of the most beautiful landscapes and views. It’s no wonder that these views and landscapes are perfect for Tuscany beach holidays. The picturesque villages are dotted all over the countryside and the towns are home to many scenic attractions.

Fifth, we will head to the Italian lakes and water parks. This is where we can truly enjoy being on the beach. You can enjoy swimming, water skiing and various water park rides. It’s also a perfect place to get your tan.

I hope I gave you something to think about. Tuscany, Italy has so much to offer to tourists. There are so many beautiful things we can do on vacation. I’m sure we can’t cover them all in one article. So, why not try and have a look at some of the most beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes and beautiful tourist places.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: beach holidays in Tuscany, Italy are incomparable. There are so many beautiful places to explore and stay in. We can go to the rural places and have a real life experience with nature. You can swim in the beaches or enjoy the views from the shore. And don’t forget to take some pictures!

The town of Volterra is a must visit if you are taking beach holidays in Tuscany Italy. Here you can marvel at the beautiful artwork and sculptures or just take in the beautiful sights of the surroundings. You can choose to stay in a quaint little villa or if you like a more modernized accommodation, you can stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast. One of my favorites is the Hotel Capellas. It is a stunning two-story building surrounded by beautiful gardens and has been designed especially for families.

For those of you interested in culture, Tuscany Italian art is a beautiful thing to explore. There are many museums here and many art galleries as well. There are also a vast amount of art collections for you to peruse. This area was heavily influenced by the Renaissance and is now rich in Roman history and culture. There are tons of beautiful architecture and museums here as well.

All in all, the gorgeous coastline of Tuscany is a haven for beach holidays in Tuscany. Its combination of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history make it one of the most popular destinations in Italy. If you are looking for a place that is both relaxing and exciting then don’t look past this delightful region of Italy. I can think of few better places in the world to spend your beach holidays.