Places to Go in Tuscany City Breaks

To some, a trip to Tuscany is all about a lot of activities. There is an abundance of things for one to do and places to visit. But some people like to do more of their own exploring and enjoy a bit of culture along the way.

tuscany city breaks

In order to find out what one can do while in Tuscany, one should first consider the many activities that one can take part in. By far, one of the biggest things that tourists take part in while in Tuscany is spending some time in the gardens. There are so many places in the area where one can go and enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel of being outside.

The Piazza Della Signoria is often referred to as the Venice of Tuscany, as it contains a series of fountains that take the place of the ocean views from the Venice boardwalk. A round-trip to the Arc De Triomphe would take a small plane or a train ride from Florence. This place is easily found in the center of the piazza and offers a stunning view of the capital city of Italy.

A fifteen minute bus ride away is I Spiaggia. This piazza is filled with sculptures and other art that is said to represent one of the five elements of nature. They include earth, water, air, fire and metal.

In the suburb of Casale Monferrato is the Museo delle Terme di Giardini. Here one can find a collection of art, which was created by artist Giovanni Battista Benjamini in the nineteen seventies. It features diverse images from art history. One can also find an eighteen-meter tall statue of Leonardo da Vinci.

Cappella isthe most popular destination for lunch and dinner, but there are also some fantastic Tuscany cottages which can be enjoyed all day long. One can even take a short stroll through the beautiful hills of Castelluccio, known for its magnificent cliffs. The sights and sounds here are often breathtaking.

If a few hours is not enough, there are many places to eat and go shopping in Tuscany. But a word of warning, there are some great Italian restaurants and bars out there, so keep this in mind before booking your trip. Some of the great places to eat include:

Bella Flora is located right in the heart of Tuscany. It is full of shops and restaurants, and one can get just about everything here. With any of the eateries, you will have to make reservations, but as everyone knows, the best deals are found on the internet.

Going shopping is easy at any of the many great places around the area. When you stop at any of the huge malls in Tuscany, be sure to grab a great meal. Don’t forget to grab some local art at the many galleries.

A ten minute drive out of town is the beautiful Palazzo Capri, also known as the Albatross. Many people visit here to unwind after a busy day or to enjoy the views from the top of the castle. This place also has some amazing medieval buildings and art pieces from the Baroque era.

As always, the best way to enjoy a relaxing day in the countryside is to enjoy a classic experience. Head over to Capella to have dinner under the stars or take a nice short stroll along the spectacular road. The views from this particular stretch of road are incredible.

In the end, there are several things that visitors can do in Tuscany that will prove to be very interesting. There are museums, markets, beautiful castles, and beautiful gardens, but perhaps the best thing to do is head out into the country and simply relax and enjoy.